What can PEP do for you?

Reduce stress and regain a work/life balance

  Work-related stress affects 58% of workers
  Stress-related absenteeism costs Canadians about $12 billion a year

PEP participants report less stress, more productivity

Save time and increase effectiveness

Average working times over the last decade have increased by 20%

PEP participants shift about 11 hours per person per week from

"firefighting" to value focused work, to get more done in less time

Effective information management


Managers spend up to 50% of their time on document and file management


Employees spend about 6 work weeks a year looking for misfiled or lost information

PEP participants structure information for quick retrieval

Improve cooperation and communication in teams and departments


 Managers and executives spend 40% of their time dealing with interruptions

 PEP participants learn practical coping skills to increase focus

Improve leadership skills

After leadership coaching, 80% of managers improved relations with

superiors and employees

PEP gives leaders what they want most: time to think, time to lead, time to connect with their people

PEP participants report a 25% improvement in productivity