What could you do if you increased your productivity by 25%?

IBT has developed a powerful coaching and training program called PEP- the Personal Efficiency Program - and delivers PEP worldwide.


Personal Efficiency Programs use a dynamic combination of training and 

on -site, individual coaching to deliver tangible, measurable results almost immediately. Results are maintained for years.

Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload?

PEP helps organizations that are "firefighting" everyday issues. PEP gives employees, managers and whole teams the simple, practical tools to reduce backlogs, reduce stress and regain work/life balance.

Let PEP help your best people to cut down stress without losing their edge.

PEP Worldwide (IBT Canada/Caribbean) delivers PEP in English, French and Spanish across Canada and the Caribbean.

Our PEP participants report an average of 25% improvement in productivity.

What would you do with an extra hour every workday?


We can help you take back control of your work and your e-mail.


To find out more about PEP solutions for productivity

contact us at: info@ibtcda.ca