PEP coaching and training programs are designed to help leaders

and team members break through the barriers to effectiveness


PEP programs provide you with the practical tools:


TACTICAL: Cut Through Distractions


Get your office and computer organized


Reduce information overload and interruptions


Look like a leader in day-to-day situations


PERSONAL: Leadership Fitness


Improve work/life balance


Gain more control and reduce stress


Work smarter, not harder, to achieve more that's "value-added"


STRATEGIC: Shift Focus from Work Volume to Work Value


Vision: Stretch your leadership horizon: Be pro-active not re-active


Plan projects and document key processes


Negotiate your priorities credibly with both your employees and your manager


Focus on aligning your activities with your strategic priorities


Strike a balance between work volume and work value


PEP Program Focus and Structure


Typically, PEP programs are built on several Modules spaced over several months.

PEP modules start with a group session, followed immediately by confidential one-on-one



Module One:    

Organization: Look like a leader: Organize paper and data around strategic priorities. Strengthen and maintain effective work systems and work habits.


Module Two:    

Plan like a leader: Analyze current activities versus stated objectives; refresh project management skills; drive effective use of time management tools.


Module Three: 


Negotiate like a leader: Negotiating Priorities, Delegation, Meeting Management.


Module Four: 


Review: Results and R.O.I.

Customized PEP Programs

Your business is unique - What can we do for you?

We will work with you to customize PEP to help launch, support or re-kindle initiatives.

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